About Blue Kangaroo

Hi, I’m Blue, and I’m a Kangaroo. My friends and I take great care of little kids. I like to jump and play, and share the world with kids who are under six years old. We’ve even built a special warm and safe place for children as young as 8 weeks.

At Blue Kangaroo our goal is to provide a nurturing, secure environment filled with warmth and encouragement where your child can learn and develop a positive self-image.

We all know it doesn’t take much to get kids to play, the trick is to get them to learn in the process. Teaching kids this age is not about giving directions, we just guide their exploration. Kids are curious like cats, so we satisfy that curiosity with lots of fun and interesting things to do. We stay in small groups during all our activities, so we can get to know each child. This is how my friends and I make sure your child not only has fun learning, but also feels special and cared for.